David Wright Andrews

"Elder D.W. Andrews, son of Terrell and Mary Andrews, of Laurens District, South Carolina, was born on the 15th day of June, 1801, and was brought up with a limited education. He was married to Miss Rebecca C. Mitchell on the 13th of March, 1823; and on the 5th day of July following he was wonderfully convicted for sin, and being sorely oppressed, he sought pardon, which he obtained by trusting and believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

"On the fourth Sunday in December following he was baptized by Elder B. Northcut into the fellowship of the Baptist Church at Poplar Spring, South Carolina. And it came to pass not many days after that, that he began to exhort sinners to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. The church forthwith gave him liberty to exercise his gifts, and in 1824 gave him license to preach the gospel. His preaching was wonderfully blessed and crowned with success, for in a short time he was made the happy instrument, under God, in bringing his mother, grand-mother and youngest brother (J.J. Andrews) to Jesus. In 1831 he was ordained to the full functions of the gospel ministry, and recommended to all the churches, and his fellow-men in general, wherever his lot might be cast.

"And it came to pass in those days that his soul was deeply impressed to go to the west and preach the gospel there; and in 1832 he left South Carolina and traveled westward and settled in Tuskaloosa county, Alabama, near Northport. Here his lot was cast among Anti-Missionaries, and some few preachers among them were high Calvinists or Antimonians."

The above is quoted from the book, The History of David, or The Preacher's Looking Glass, Together with a Short History of the Rise of the North River [Baptist] Association. By Eld. D.W. Andrews. Published in 1885.

He was called, "Old Uncle Davy Andrews, the father of the North River Association" because by his influence the North River Baptist Association came into being. He also was the founder of the Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Winfield, Alabama, which still exists.


June 15, 1801 - Dec. 2, 1887

Buried in Old Rocky Mount Cemetery
Fayette County
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