While I was in WalMart the other day (waiting while my wife shopped) I was watching their in-store TV. One thing caught my attention: It takes 200 muscles to bat one eye! Imagine that. I love that sort of information.
While I was waiting to get a haircut last month I picked up a book, God's Prescription for Healing by James P. Gills, M.D. (Dr. Gills is the most experienced cataract surgeon in the world.) This book was a treasure trove of facts about our bodies. Let me share some of them.

>Your body is made up of approximately 60 trillion cells.
>Your cells form 200 different tissues such as brain, pancreatic, muscle and heart tissue (all of which came from an original single cell).
>Each of your cells communicates with its neighbors across a cell membrane that is thinner than a spider's web.
>Each of your cells are filled with extremely tiny energy burning "engines" that are 200,000 times smaller than a pinhead.
>Every one of your 60 trillion cells contains the biochemical blueprint (known as DNA) for your height, eye color, liver function, the sound of your laughter, etc.
>The information contained in the DNA molecule of a single cell would fill 200 volumes of the Manhattan phone book.
>The DNA from a single cell, stretched out, would extend over five feet in length but would be only 50-trillionths of an inch wide.
>Removal of DNA from all of your cells and stretched out from end to end would extend in a strand from a minimum 10 billion miles to a possible maximum of 170 billion miles.
>A strand of DNA stretched from you to the sun would weigh a slight 1/50 of an ounce.
>Your 60 trillion cells are absorbed and replaced at a rate of a trillion a day (that's over a million a second).
>Your lungs have a surface area the size of half a tennis court.
>You inhale 23,000 time a day or 630 million times in your lifetime.
>Each of your ears have a million moving parts that vibrate 20,000 times a second.

While waiting in my doctor's office several months ago I was watching the TV on the wall, which showed advertisements for prescription drugs. To keep me watching they occasionally asked a question, one of which was, "Which organ in your body, if stretched out, would reach twice around the earth?" The answer took me by surprise. It was our blood vessels.

>Your 60,000 miles of blood vessels, if stretched out, would reach around the earth at the equator over two times.
>Your heart will pump 60 million gallons of blood around your body almost three billion times in a 75 year life span.
>One of your brain cells talks to 10,000 others.
>If you are using 10 % of your brain at this moment, it is making a thousand, trillion computations a second.
>Your eye makes 100,000 separate motions a day.
>Your eyelids will blink over 400 million times in your lifetime.
>Your iris possesses 266 identifiable characteristics, compared to the rather scant 35 displayed by your fingerprint.
>After focusing is accomplished by the lens of your eye, light and images strike the retina. The cells of the retina translate light photons into electrical impulses and send it to your brain. The retina's continuous "exposure" and "development" of its pictures would take a Cray supercomputer 100 years to simulate what is occurring in the eye every second.

For some reason my wife has a chart about feet (from SAS Shoemakers in San Antonio, Texas) hanging in our laundry room. From this chart I learned that:

>You have 26 bones in each foot that are moved by muscles and tendons and held together by ligaments.
>Each foot has 33 complex joints and four arches.
>When you stand 50% of your weight is on the heel, 25% at the base of your big toe joint and 25% spreads across the ball of your foot.
>In an average lifetime, your feet will carry you between 150,000 and 200,000 miles, a distance of six to eight times around the earth. That entire distance your feet will be your levers, balancers and shock absorbers.

I cannot read all of this without thinking of Psalm 139:14, "I will praise thee: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knowth right well."

These few facts won't even scratch the surface of the wonders of your body. The body is so complex that doctors often specialize in only one area. Even then a doctor never understands all there is to know about even his specialized area.

While I was traveling through a back road in Georgia a couple of years ago I passed a grove of large pecan trees. It was obvious that years ago someone had planted them in rows, not in just one direction but in both directions. The trees all lined up perfectly both ways. I do not think there is a sane person on earth who could look at this grove of pecan trees and not admit that a real person at some time in the past designed this grove.

What is beyond my understanding is the fact that some people can look at the above facts about the human body and not see a designer. To me it would take more faith to believe that the pecan trees in that grove grew that way by accident that it would to believe that someone planted them in that configuration. 

Quite frankly, I don't have enough faith to believe blind chance produced that pecan grove or a human body.


by Raymond McAlister
May 2008